What is exactly HODL Fund?

HODL Fund is a cryptocurrency index fund tracking the top 20 coins with a decentralized withdrawal option. Apart from that, it allocates a small percentage of the fund to other new ICOs pre-sale investing and altcoin trading.

And what is $HODL?

HODL is the token behind the fund, backed by its underlying crypto assets.

Are you launching your own blockchain?

No, HODL will use the Ethereum blockchain, it will be an ERC20 token.

Can I mine or stake it?

No, you can’t.

Will ever more tokens be issued after the token sale?

No, no more HODLs will be ever created after the ICO. The supply will be limited.

Why not run my own index fund?

Nobody stops you from buying the underlying crypto assets and running your own crypto fund. However, HODL Fund provides some clear advantages:

-As a fund, HODL Fund becomes a ‘whale’ investor, getting volume based discounts on exchanges and access to ICO pre-sales and having market power in certain altcoin markets.

-Convenience: investor buys and forgets. Not everybody has the time and resources to keep track of the different coins and rebalance.

-You only have to hold a single token instead of 20+.

-Economies of scale.

-The HODL token will be tradable itself and its price may exceed the value of the underlying assets (since the fund management, altcoin trading and ICO investing add value), but the price of the underlying assets works as a lower bound.

How does HODL Fund compare to other crypto funds?

We consider there is still demand for more crypto funds, since investors are paying huge premiums to buy tokens of the existing funds and we can see that in the traditional finance industry there are many more index funds and ETFs, so it may be just the beginning.

HODL Fund can be easily differentiated from competitors by looking at some key features.

-Crypto20: Crypto20 is a cryptocurrency index fund with low lees too, but it misses the potential of altcoins and ICOs and the ICO is already over, so you will have to pay the premium on exchanges.

-Bitwise: Bitwise HOLD 10 is an index fund tracking the top 10 cryptocurrencies, instead of 20+. It is a traditionally regulated fund only accessible to accredited investors from the USA and you can only buy shares through USA brokers. It is not blockchain based, but centralized.

-Triaconta/Combicoin: Triaconta ICO has been suspended because of an order of the Dutch Authority for the Financial Markets, since this company is incorporated in Netherlands. HODL Fund is in process of incorporating in the Cayman Islands. Also, they have a different approach, with buybacks and dividends, which we believe give us margin for improvement.

-Iconomi: Iconomi is more of a platform than a token. They have exit fees and the withdraw option is not built-in in the smart-contract. Instead, the withdrawal depends entirely on their website.

-Symmetry fund: Symmetry fund is al about active management. Their strategy involves trading on margin which makes the fund more fragile. Additionally, funds are held in fiat instead of cryptos. This means that there is added complexity related to operating with fiat.

How can I buy HODLs?

The pre-sale has now started and you can buy HODLs at a discount by contacting us to confirm and verify your investment and sending ether to our address, provided you invest at least 10.000 USD. Later on, the sale will be open to the general public.

How can I buy ether (ETH) in order to be able to buy HODLs?

You can buy ether on any crypto exchange, like Coinbase, Binance and so on. Then you can transfer the ether to a wallet (like MyEtherWallet or MetaMask) and from there send them to our ETH address.

When does the ICO start?

The ICO starts on March 1.

Is there a minimum buy?

-For the ICO, only 100 USD.

-For the pre-sale: 10.000 USD.

At what price are you selling HODL during the token sale?

-Pre-sale: 0.95 USD.

-ICO (first 48h): 1 USD.

-ICO (later on): 1.05 USD.

Why buy during the ICO and not wait the token to be on the exchanges?

As you wish, but HODL will be probably be sold higher on the exchanges. People who invest in ICOs tend to be crypto-connoisseurs, more tech savvy, but the risks end up paying off.

Will the token be tradable on exchanges?

Yes, we will push the token to different major exchanges.

How can I cash out?

Whenever you want to sale your HODL tokens to make a profit, you have two options: using the built-in withdrawal function or trading the token on the exchanges.

How does the withdraw option work?

The smart-contract has a built-in withdraw function. When the user activates it (interacting with the contract itself or using our DApp frontend), ethers from our reserve account are automatically transferred to the user’s address. The reserve account is dynamically refilled by a micro-service.

What fees do you have?

There are no broker fees, no exit fees. The annual management fee is 1%.

How is the token price/NAV calculated? How often is it updated?

Every hour the token price/Net Asset Value is updated by computing the maximum between the price of the underlying assets and the price of the token on the exchanges.

Is HODL Fund automated or software based?

HODL Fund relies heavily on a custom, propietary technology that we have built to manage the fund.

Are there legal concerns?

We have been seeking legal advice. Please read the legal disclaimers. HODL Fund is in process of being incorporated in the Cayman Islands.

What are the HODL Network Services (HNS) mentioned in the whitepaper?

HODL Network Services is a network of other crypto related services, including blockchain consultancy, crypto auditing and ICO underwriting that we will deploy later leveraging our experience in HODL, with economies of scale. The HODL token will enable access to those services, so it will be an utility token, not a security one.

If you have any further questions, please don't hesitate to contact us by email or Telegram.