Never miss a ticket to the moon

HODL Fund is a cryptocurrency index fund which is a token itself. Based on the blockchain technology, it enables full control, transparency and instantaneous, on-demand withdrawal of the underlying crypto assets, whose value provides a guaranteed lower bound for the price of the $HODL token. We manage and secure the diversified portfolio and invest in a data-based approach.

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Token pre-sale postponed to UPGRADE the fund, read our latest announcement on MEDIUM

One token to HODL them all

With $HODL, the all-in-one token, you can hold 20+ cryptocurrencies with only one token. You gain exposure to the overall crypto markets, including the main cryptocurrencies but promising altcoins too. There are no broker fees, no exit fees and only 1% of management fees. All in a decentralized manner.

$HODL vs competitors

Exit fees0%0%3%1 BLX
Managament fees1%0.50%2.50%7.5-15%
Nº of cryptos20+201030215 + ICOs
ICO exposure
Altcoin exposure
Built-in withdraw option
Open ICO-
Not affected by legal crackdown
= not clear


Blockchain transparency: 24/7 instant withdrawals

The HODL token has a built-in withdraw function in the smart-contract that enables on-demand, instantaneous, decentralized, 24/7 withdrawals. The investor automatically receives the value of their tokens in ether, which is the maximum between the price of the underlying crypto assets and the token price on exchanges.

NEW Our Smart Contract draft is available on Github:

Smart Contract draft
ERC-20 Ethereum token standard

Keep it simple

Keeps track of +20 different currencies

Blockchain transparency. Full control over assets

No exit fees, no broker fees. Only 1% management fees

Partners & technologies

Ethereum logo

Ethereum Protocol

The HODL token is based on the Ethereum blockchain and the ERC20 standard

Ledger nano logo

Ledger Nano

We will use the secure hardware wallet Ledger Nano S to store the crypto assets

vault Hashicorp logo

Vault by Hashicorp

Vault from HashiCorp is used to meet the high security requirements of managing private keys in a microservice architecture in the cloud

kubernetes logo


Every microservice is executed inside a container on a Kubernetes cluster with redundancy to avoid downtime.

An innovative hybrid approach

At least 80% of the fund will passively track the top 20 cryptocurrencies using traditional rebalancing formulae. Up to 20% will be allocated to ICO pre-sale investing and altcoin trading, taking advantage of the fact that we manage a significant amount of capital.